Medical Services
HospitalsFind here a updated 2022 list of best hospitals in India for the treatment of cancer, heart, knee replacements, liver transplant, diabetes, neurology, kidney, and other health conditions.View more
DoctorsHere is the recent list 2022 of more than Top 30000 doctors in India. Visit the best hospital in delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, bangalore and kerala and meet the top doctors for world-class treatment.View more
Treatment CostMore than 70000 foreign patients treated every year in India. Discover the world-class and qualitative treatment at the affordable cost with 5 Star Hospital FacilitiesView more
Non-Medical Services
Medical VisaThe Indian Medical visa is kind of Medical e-Visa i.e.  an electronic-based travel document that grants access to India to all visitors wishing to receive medical treatment in the country. This document can only be used for medical reasons, and these treatments or procedures must be authorized by a recognized medical center in IndiaView more
Air AmbulanceAn air ambulance transports a patient to a medical centre for treatment. Such aircraft are equipped to provide emergency care on board.View more
Healthcare Training CoursesIndia's leading First Responder Healthcare Education and Training Company offering new initiatives in health care management from India's premier Hospitals, B Schools,and Medical Colleges. Build a strong network for life with opportunities to connect with Healthcare Industry experts. Dedicated student support. Industry mentorship. Obserervership, Technical training and many more para medical courses.View more
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