About Us
Doctorsinindia is the first digital platform where you can meet the doctors Directly.
Doctorsinindia is an association of worldclass surgeons, consultants, Medical specialist of the india and also has an international wing where you can approach foriegn doctors for 2nd opininon for your medical queries.
Doctorsinindia will find you the best, hassle free treatment at prices you can afford, so that you can focus only on getting better.
Key Values
MISSIONOur mission is Innovation and Convenience rolled in one in the field of Healthcare.
VISIONOur vision is to help provide the best healthcare to everyone in need.
VALUESOur Core values are convenience , quality care and privacy.Our Core values are convenience , quality care and privacy.
PRIVACYAs per our policy we ensure that we do not miuse any of our patient’s personal data. The directory and booking is free for anyone with an internet connection. Because access to healthcare is too important to sell.
QUALITY CAREWe help in providing trustworthy health care facilities from some of the best and internationally accredted Clinics. Our motto is to provide best and affordable healthcare facilities to everyone. Hence,we do not charge anything from our users.
TRANSPARENCYWe have on our panel, skilled and experienced medical practitioners well known in their respective field. We believe that health is wealth. One has to take the decision wisely when it concerns his health.
At one time or another, everyone needs medical care for a serious health issue. Where is quality medical care available, and how do people get there? We started doctorsinindia to help people to resolve these issues. We consult family doctors, friends and family, and we search the Internet. We collect all of the pertinent information onto a single platform and make it available to our patients.

We have combined experience of more than 35 years in healthcare, the Internet and customer service. We travel, research and assess people and places that can provide effective treatment. We bring that information to our patients so that they can focus on resolving their medical issues.
We carefully select all of the hospitals and doctors that you see on doctorsinindia.in. We talk, visit, collect pictures, stories and descriptions that will be useful to you. We provide you with 5 star services, whether we are providing you with treatment, an opinion from one of the doctors on our panel or simply with relevant information.
PriceArnold was looking for a knee replacement for his father. The average quote for a single knee replacement is $5,000. Arnold’s budget was $3,500. Our Doctors provided best negotiated rates of surgery at thier panel hospitals, and our an excellent doctor done treatmentwithin in the Arnold’s budget.
Alternative treatmentMorago suffered from back pain. The doctors in his country advised surgery. Morago was reluctant to undergo surgery and discussed his concerns with us. We referred his case to doctors for a second opinion and found a doctor who was confident that he could resolve Morago’s back pain through acupuncture. The cost of his treatment and his with stay in India for a month cost to Morago only 10% of the amount that he was quoted for surgery.
Difficult to treatOne patient suffered from schizophrenia and could not get effective help despite trying many places abroad. We referred the case to one of India’s top schizophrenia consultants. The patient was skeptical of the outcome and of the place where the patient would be admitted for rehabilitation. Our team took the patient and the guardians to the consultant’s location and ensured that they were satisfied about the care and comfort that they would receive. Suffering that had lingered for years was treated and resolved in months.
We provide our patients with all available options from world renowned specialists and some hidden gems, who we know because of our deep network in the healthcare world.
Dr SG ChoudharyPresident , General Physician and Healthcare Consultant
Adv. Rashmi GulliyaManaging Director, Psychologist, Lawyer and Medico legal Expert